Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Real Me, The new Me...

I recently closed my own pretty successful business and it's been for the better in just about every aspect except for the money part. I would not go back for anything or live just for money. I have thankfully re-found my faith in God and am trusting him everyday to pull me through all of the tough things we have faced in our family life, my personal life, and my relationship with my soon to be hubby, and I am trying to find my identity in life and not the one that the world tries to place on us.

Back to my point there is a light at the end of every hardship you can do anything and everything you want as long as you are doing it for God. You can get through a loss of a precious life, a loss of a business, loss of friendships, loss of worldly possessions, loss of confidence. Life is way beyond what goes on day to day or what we have or don't have, and I know that better then ever now. I strongly believe God has shown me the way and it took me going through a lot that Satan threw at me and I slipped several time,s we all do we aren't perfect, but here I am ready to face the day even though I am not working full-time, don't have all the latest things and clothes, and I could let all the surface things eat at me, but I am choosing to let go and let God decide how to help me as I know he will, he is always there for me, just a thought or prayer away.

In closing my only hope with this new blog is to inspire others to live truly free to get out from underneath those burdens or chains life or Satan has put on you to make you think you can't think for yourself or live for God and to be happy even when times are sooooo tough around you to make you just want to give up. Also I don't think for 1 moment that I am better then anyone or this is not to rub in anyone's face it's just telling my stories of my new life and all I encounter with a great new outlook on life thanks to God.